This talk is by Dr. Miguel A. Labrador.

In this talk, Dr. Labrador will walk you through his research endeavors from 2000 when he graduated from Pitt until today. He will briefly touch on his past research on ATM networks, Active Queue Management, TCP friendliness and TCP variants, Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks and Wireless Sensor Networks. He will show how these research activities smoothly transfer into Ubiquitous Sensing, his current area of research. Then, he will elaborate on the most important research challenges in this area and some of his recent results and projects. Finally, he will talk about an NSF-funded REU Site that he has been directing for more than 10 years and how useful it has been for his research and for the students.


How to find a research area is difficult for the new PhD student. From this topic, I get a way that is quit efficient. You can propose a topic from what you did before and compare that with what you want to do to change the people’s lives.

Then you can get the topic you can do for now. Dr. Miguel A. Labrador did ATM networks, Active Queue Management in the past research. But he smoothly transfers into Ubiquitous Sensing which is quite different from the previous topic. He just used the above mechanism. He thought about the works he did before and combined with them with the works which extract and illustrate the data from the mobile devices. Then he chose Ubiquitous Sensing and succeeded.