I have participated in the

test in May, 17th. It is the third time I have the test.
Though I got the score 88 in this test, the score is not really good and far away from my forecasting.
So I want to record the experience here and this will motivate me to get better. Moreover, I make up my mind to write in English in the blog. Please supervise me, thank you.



I got 25 points in reading test.
However, I think it is not a satisfactory score for me. Because I got more than this in the last test and the difficulty last time is as the same as this time.
I conclude that I did not get well prepare for the reading test just for the vocabulary and the question types.


I got 22 points in listening test.
I do not think it satisfies my requirement. I thought I could get about 25 points in the listening test. But the result is not.
I summarized the reason that I have not done enough dictation practices before the test, so the sentence is clear, but the meaning behind the paragraph I could not get for the sake of lake of the ability to outline the full context.


I got 19 points in the speaking test.
It is close to my aim, 20 points. I think reciting is an appropriate way to enhance my ability to output and the pronunciation correcting is also important.


I got 22 points in the writing test.
The points is stable during the last 3 times of TOEFL test. So I think the writing skill cannot speed-up by some methods but practice everyday.
That’s why I began to try to write in English in my blog. The words maybe spontaneous but the action is positive.
So if there are some errors in my writings, please point them out.
Thank you very much